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RF Immunity Test Systems

Why spend time searching for RF Amplifiers and Antennas required for immunity tests when we have already done the work for you? We spend significant time at an accredited EMC test facility in order to qualify our Immunity Test System to ensure they have adequate performance and margin to satisfy IEC61000 requirements for generating a 10V/m uniform field in 1.5 x 1.5 meter up to 6GHz.

Whether you need to upgrade your existing test facilities to comply with recent 6GHz test requirements, upgrade from 3V/m to 10V/m, or perform pre-compliance tests at your own facility – the RFe-IMU-700-6000 fits the bill in terms of performance, reliability and cost.



The RFe-IMU-700-6000 immunity test system is intented for use with immunity testing associated with compliance testing of equipment and will consistently across 700-6000MHz allow testing of 18 V/m (10V/m AM modulated) in a 1.5 meter x 1.5 meter uniform field. The RFe-IMU-700-6000 system consists of a RF amplifier, a Horn Antenna and cables.

Size: 2x 19″ rack, 3U
Frequency range: 700-6000MHz
Output power: Min. 18V/m (10V/m AM modulated) in 1.5m x 1.5m